Package: REDCapCAST

Casting data bases and handling castellated data sets.

May 3, 2023


May 15, 2024

Working with REDCap data

In our group (and at most Danish public research institutions, and the world for that matter) we collect clinical data using REDCap.

We also use the “longitudinal project” option. This gives some issues with castellated data. Different approaches to handling this problem exists, but none that kept the focused data acquisition approach of the very nice REDCapR-library.

The REDCapCAST-library is based on the REDCapRITS-library, has been documented elsewhere, and is quickly approaching submission to CRAN.

I am currently working on a handbook on using REDCap in R implementing the REDCapCAST-library. I hope to soon be able to release a first version, and until then, the work in progress can be followed.